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17 Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong with English subtitles  

that's verse presents things you've done

wrong all your life


number one crossing out words when most

people are writing and they need to

cross out what was Ripper fill up and

just draw lines back and forth over the

words this is a mistake when you cross

out the words with lines they will still

be legible if you cross out the riding

with letters rather than words

it'll be impossible to tell what was

crossed out if you don't want anyone to

be able to tell what you wrote and

crossed out use letters rather than

lines number to organizing your spray


this is the perfect example of one of

the ten things you've done wrong all

your life if you're like most people you

have several spray bottles full of

cleaning products under your sake all

these different cleaning products can

take up a lot of space if you want to

save space under your sink you should

install a clothing rod under the sink

you'll be able to hang the spray bottles

from the rod and they won't take up

space on the floor the cabinet

this will allow you to put other items

on the floor doubling your space number

3 keeping cords from getting tangled

most people keep their headphones in a

drawer or in a purse or a bag when they

take their headphones out to use them

they usually come out tangled if you

have a charger in your bag or the drawer

as well the two can become tangled in

each other

the best way to keep this from happening

is to wrap them with a plastic bread

time it'll save you a great deal of time

when you need to use your charger or

your headphones number for making a

bologna sandwich when you make a bologna

sandwich the Bologna will be in the

center of the bread but you'll get


when you bite the edges of the bread

Bologna just isn't big enough even if

you use two pieces of Bologna and

overlap them

you still won't be able to get Bologna

and every bite the way to correct this

problem is to cut those slices of

Bologna into pieces you can put the flat

edges of the Bologna flush with the

edges of the bread when you do this on

all four corners you can be guaranteed

to get a bite of Bologna in every bite

maybe one day the Bologna manufacturers

will real

is that bread is square and they'll

change the shape number 5 heating more

than one dish in the microwave when

you're heating up food and you need to

heat up two separate bowls it can be

time-consuming if two bowls don't fit in

the microwave

someone will have to wait to eat well if

you have a coffee mug

it will allow you to cook two dishes at

once you can put 1 bowl on the floor of

the microwave to fit the second bowl you

can put it on top of a coffee mug

this will allow you to use the available

space at the top of the microwave it's

the best way to let both people eat at

the same time

number six eating a cupcake anyone has

ever eaten the cupcake knows two things


they are delicious second they can be a

hassle to eat the frosting of course is

the best part

unfortunately though when you eat a

cupcake you only get frosting in the

first few bites after you've eaten the

top off while you're left with nothing

but cake

not that that's a totally bad thing but

still anyway the best way to eat a

cupcake is to cut it in half just below

the frosting then flip it over so that

the frosting is the middle it's like a

cupcake sandwich will allow you to have

a bite of frosting and every byte number

7 listening to music on your phone

most people download their music on

their phone for a couple of reasons

first there are several apps that let

you download songs for free also

you always have your phone with you

there for you always have your music

with you

some people spend money on expensive

bluetooth or plugin speakers to enhance

the sound of their phone if you don't

want to spend the money on a speaker or

you don't have one with you put your

phone in a Red Solo Cup it'll enhance

the sound without needing to buy a

speaker number 8 drinking so it up from

a can

if you're drinking sona from a can and

you choose to use a straw the

carbonation from the soda can push the

straw up and right out of the can the

best way to keep this from happening is

to take advantage of that pull tab

it's there for more than just opening

the can after you up in your soda turn

the tab so that the whole is over the

opening in the can

you can then slide your straw through

that hole keeping it in its place

number nine

serving drinks outdoors if you're going

to be serving drinks outdoor in the

summer you need to worry about flies

ants and other bugs crawling or flying

into your drinks

well not only is this really disgusting

it can also be a huge waste of a drink

well if you want to keep the bugs from

getting into your guests glasses cover

those glasses with upside-down cupcake

liners to make drinking easier and keep

the cupcake liners over the drink you

can push a straw through the middle not

only with the liner keep the bugs out of

the drinks but also dress up those

drinks a bit number ten peeing while

standing up after a boy is fully

potty-trained and can aim he goes from

peeing sitting down to standing up to


actually this could be a mistake there

are several reasons that men should pee

sitting down

first they won't need to worry about

missing the toilet bowl when they go

come on admit guys were not always the

best with our aim

second it makes emptying the bladder a

bit easier especially for men with

prostate issues finally going to the

bathroom could be more relaxing when

you're sitting down the next time you

have to pee guys try doing it sitting

down you just might find you like it


number 11 cleaning your microwave when

most people clean their microwave they

spray some cleaner on the stuck on food

and scrubbed until their arms go numb

well that's a mistake there is a much

easier way to clean your microwave when

you wouldn't need to scrub it all to do

this combined 1 cup of water 1 chopped

up lemon and 3 tablespoons of vinegar in

a bowl put it in the microwave and cook

it in the microwave for five minutes in

the microwave beeps leave the door

closed for about 15 minutes by the time

you open the microwave all of the stuck

on food will be loosened up and you can

just wipe it right off it'll save you a

great deal of energy number 12 sorting

laundry when it comes to doing laundry

sorting can take a great deal of time if

you want to make doing laundry easier

you can forget sorting all together you

can purchase a dirty clothes hamper that

has three compartments you can use one

for your wife

one for your colors and one for your

delicates if you put your dirty clothes

in the right hamper after you take them

off but we know need to start the

laundry on laundry day it can make the

whole laundry process easier and faster

number 13 cleaning your ceiling fans

when most people clean their ceiling

fans it can become a bigger job and they

had planned on if you climb up to dust

your fan the dust will fall on your bed

your furniture or your floor depending

on where your fans located after the fan

is clean

you would need to clean the dust up a

second time well the best way to clean

your ceiling fans without making that

mess below is to use an old pillowcase

place the fan inside the pillowcase and

rub the blade all the dust from the fan

will stay in the pillowcase you don't

need to worry about the dust falling

number 14 making iced coffee

most people love a nice glass of iced

coffee during the summer on a hot day

doesn't take long for that ice to melt

though watering down your coffee

well there is a way to make your eyes

coffee and be sure that it won't get

watered down you should make a pot of

coffee and fill your ice trays with it

put the trays in the freezer and make

coffee ice cubes when you put them in

your iced coffee and they start to melt

who cares coffee's melting into your

coffee you'll never need to worry about

drinking down water down coffee number

15 get your drink cold quickly

this is one of the things you've been

doing wrong all your life

there's nothing worse than going to grab

a drink and it's not cold yet while

putting it in the freezer can make it

cold faster you can also make it really

cold in just 15 minutes all you need to

do is take a wet cloth and wrap it

around the bottle before you put it in

the freezer in just 15 minutes your

drink will be ice-cold number 16 opening

a can of pringles pringles are very easy

to open the hard part is when you try to

get the chips out of the can without

breaking them rather than sticking your

hand in and getting it stuck or pouring

them into your palm

you can use a simple piece of paper fold

the paper in half and then push it into

the can

gently slide the paper out and you'll

get neatly stacked chips that are

unbroken and ready to be eaten number 17

open a coconut most people avoid buying

coconuts because they're so difficult to


it's actually not as difficult as you

think the first thing that you want to

do is to get the juice out now to do

this you screw a corkscrew into the eyes

of the coconut put it over a glass or a

bowl and allow the juice to drain to

open it to get to the fruit put it in a

plastic bag and hit it with a hammer a

concrete floor or with any hard object

when you open the bag the coconut should

be cracked open so that you can easily

access the fruit

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