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10 Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan with English subtitles  

facts first presents 10 weird things that only exists in Japan number one

japan has a ghost island Ashima used to be a coal mining facility between the

years 1887 to 1974

when petroleum replaced coal in the nineteen sixties this island was

abandoned at present it is referred to as ghost island portion of it was open

for tours in 2009 number two

puffer fish preparation is an art puffer fish is a Japanese delicacy and one of

the most poisonous foods on the planet chefs in Japan trained for years to

master proper fish preparation they do not extract all the poison from the fish

in fact they leave just enough to ensure that their customers feel a tingling

sensation in their mouths

after consuming the delicacy number three russian roulette for kids

there is a popular japanese toy for kids called khabar kick

it's a game where the player has to play date I gun to their head and pull the


if the gun fires and feet don't emerge from the barrel the player gains points

this popular game would never see the light of day in other countries

number four lolita fashion Japanese people are obsessed with Lolita fashion

lolitas are women of different ages who dress like young girls and adapt

clothing styles of arrows gone by this fashion trend is composed of numerous

varieties including gothic and Victorian please note that there are male versions

as well if you plan to go to Japan there are certain areas where lolitas go to

show off their outfits

many of that would be happy to pose for a picture with you

number 5 capsule accommodation if you've ever wanted an economical place to spend

the night but just couldn't find one

the Japanese have found the solution capsule hotels are basically capsules

that are big enough to fit a single bed and a small mounted TV amenities such as

bathrooms vending machines and snack bars are shared among guests to save


these budget hotels cost approximately fifteen to thirty dollars per night and

have free Wi-Fi

number six

japanese obsession with novelty food

novelty food is not very popular in Western countries and if bought is

nearly done as a jump

however Japan has built an entire industry on novelty food kit kat for

example has many variants that they will pull out for people to try some of their

flavors include strawberry cheesecake corn soy sauce and corn

aside from kit kat other food places in Japan like fast food places and

restaurants will regularly introduce limited edition food

some of these weird choices include pumpkin burgers and watermelon flavored


number seven kekeke amore agoraphobia affects many people in parts of the


however in japan it affects a vast majority of the population

japan has between 700,000 to 1 million men that have agoraphobia

the disease is so widespread that there are dedicated facilities and staff that

are committed to rehabilitating these men although the condition can last for

a couple of years

some men locked themselves in tiny rooms for over a decade in this time they are

dependent on their parents to provide food

doctors believe that the Japanese culture and traditions have caused this

condition to spiral out of control

although many locals believe that isolation is a valuable tradition

number eight it's rude to tip in Japan although tipping is a regular practice

in most parts of the world

in Japan it is not customary and in fact is considered rude to tip most people

whether to tip and how much to tip remains a controversial topic people

working as hotel staff taxi drivers and even waiters do not expect to be tipped

and there have been instances where staff and chased after tourists that

have left them tips to return their money in Japan the general view is that

good service is covered in the price you pay

number nine constructive dismissal in Japan

if an employee is not performing the company usually issues a few warnings

and then fires the employee if progress is not made in Japan however companies

are reluctant to dismiss staff as they want to avoid paying out huge benefits

this is why they've come up with something called banishment rooms

employees are not performing up to their standards are placed in these rooms and

asked to perform tasks that serve no purpose

the aim is to make people so miserable that they choose to resign and thus

forfeit their benefits saving the company money

number 10 twister fail when two japanese girls who attend private school play


they should change out their uniforms what should have been a fun and innocent

game doesn't look very innocent in photos which would have been a fun photo

has turned into a porno shot

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