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錦綉未央 The Princess Wei Young 30 唐嫣 羅晉 吳建豪 毛曉彤 CROTON MEGAHIT Official with English subtitles  

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[The Princess Weiyoung]

[Episode 30]

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness! Your Highness!

Is anyone there?

Your Highness!

Wake up, Your Highness!

Imperial Physician, how is he?

Your Highness, the prince has been exposed to the sun and rain for days.

He is now very frail and unlikely to fully recover anytime soon.

Imperial Physician, you are to use the best medications.

You have to cure Prince of Gaoyang!

Medications might cure physical illnesses but...

His Highness is depressed.

There's nothing I can do about that.

If he is to recover fully, his troubles must be resolved.


How are you?

Do you know...

Wei Young is to set out on the journey today?

Is this even the time to think of Li Wei Young?


Since I couldn't forget about my love for Wei Young to please you

that makes me unfilial.

Neither could I keep my promise to stay by Wei Young's side.

That makes me unfaithful.

I'm neither filial nor faithful.

How could any medication cure me of that?

What would you have me do to stop you from torturing yourself?

Li Wei Young is my one true love.

I just wish to see her off on her journey to Liu Song.

If you do that, you will only infuriate His Majesty.

It isn't as if you don't know what His Majesty's temper is like!

- Otherwise, your father wouldn't... - I have no regrets.

Forget it.

You won't have the strength to leave the manor anyway.

Be sure to keep a close watch on His Highness.

He is not to leave without my permission.


Wei Young!

Your Highness?

Wei Young...

Your Highness?

Your Highness!

What's wrong, Your Highness?

Summon the imperial physician now!

Summon the imperial physician now!

Imperial Physician Liu, hurry!

His Highness has a fever and talks in his sleep.

Take a look at him quickly! This way!


- Quickly! - Yes!

Your Highness, everything's ready.

The procession for the marital treaty won't go fast.

We can catch up if we ride fast.

How is your health?


Jun escaped from the manor?

He must have gone after Li Wei Young.

Please don't be angry.

I failed to keep an eye on Jun.

- I'll send my men to bring him back. - Don't!

He can leave as he wishes but he can never come back.

Convey my decree to relegate Prince of Gaoyang to a civilian!

He is never to return to Ping City!

Your Majesty! Please reconsider!

Jun is too young and hoodwinked!

Please give him another chance!

Your Majesty! I'm begging you!

That's enough!

He defied me again and again.

I won't spare him this time!

Step back!

- Your Majesty! - Step back!


Your Highness!

Are you all right, Your Highness?

Are you all right?

Jun... He's really given up everything for that woman...

Don't worry, Your Highness.

His Highness will surely return.

He can't... Not anymore.

He really... can't come home anymore.

Li Wei Young...

It's all Li Wei Young's fault.

She snatched my Jun away from me...

[Chiyun Manor]

He's been relegated to a civilian? How is that possible?

The mind of the emperor is unpredictable.

His Majesty allows no one to question his authority.

Even his favorite grandson.

No... I have to to go to Father.

- I must plead for His Highness! - The decree was made!

No one could do anything about it.

My father is the prime minister.

You're the General!

If both of you plead for him, His Majesty will heed your advice!

It's best for you not to act pointlessly.

Tuoba Jun is of no use to the Chiyun family now.

My cousin, you should just give up.

There must be some other way.

We have so many former subordinates.

They could surely speak to His Majesty.

If you won't help me, I'll go to them for assistance!

Chang Le!

Do you know why Tuoba Jun fled from his manor against the decree?

He did it for Li Wei Young.

He's going to hinder Li Wei Young's marital treaty.

Is Prince of Gaoyang still worthy of your love?

Sir, the rooms are all tidied up.

- You may be dismissed. - Yes.

I will take my leave now.

Your Highness, Master Zhang has been making excuses

claiming to be unwell to stop for breaks.

The journey was supposed to take only a month

but now it will take two.

I think that they are deliberately stalling for time.

Stay alert.

- Keep a close eye on them. - Yes.

Young Mistress, it's been days.

Why hasn't Prince of Gaoyang shown up yet?

It's good that he isn't here.

He'd only get hurt if he showed up.

- Your Highness. - Your Highness.

Your Highness.

Princess Anping.

How does it feel to be married off for a peace treaty?

If you had agreed to become my woman

you wouldn't have ended up in this predicament.

What a pity.

It's too late to regret it.

It's my utmost honor to be married for the peace treaty.

I have no regrets.

Don't wander off alone.

Stay in your room.

I've been traveling in the horse carriage for days.

I finally get to rest in an inn.

If I didn't have a chance to take a walk here, I'd become crippled.

I won't run away under such watchful eyes.

Why are you worried, Your Highness?


Have more drinks!

- You've worked hard! - Thank you!

Thank you for accepting the invitation.

Master Zhang is too polite.

I've held everyone up due to my poor health.

I'm terribly sorry about that.

I've prepared some wine as an apology to Prince of Nan-An.

Please have a seat, Your Highness.

After you.

Your Highness.

I shall drink first out of respect.

Here, allow me to toast to Master Cheng An.

It's just a cup of wine.

Your Highness, please help yourself to the food.

I didn't expect the wine to be so strong.

It was just one cup.

Not at all.

Your Highness? Your Highness?

Sir, their guards have all been knocked out by the wine.


Very good.

The Wei envoy lusted after the princess's beauty

and ambushed us in the night.

That should give us just cause for declaring war on Wei.

Sir, they thought that they could avoid war by sending us a princess.

What wishful thinking.

Your Highness, I saw the Song soldiers drugging our wine.

It's a bit weird.

Why didn't I see any guards on duty when I headed back?

They seem to have all gone drinking with the soldiers of Song.

Young Mistress, we'll arrive at the border in a few days.

I wonder where Prince of Gaoyang is now.

I'm more worried about Min De.

He mentioned taking me away.

I'm worried that he might do something foolish.

Second Young Master won't act recklessly.

However, even if Young Mistress manages to get away

can you still return home?

What will you do if His Majesty learns of the escape and punishes you for it?

We can only play it by ear now.

Young Mistress.

What's the matter, Young Mistress?

What's wrong?

This is bad!

We've been drugged!

What are you trying to do?

I'm the princess of the marital treaty!

Aren't you worried that your emperor will kill you?

Our emperor will only be too pleased to reward me.

Why would he blame me?

Have you not figured it out, Princess?

It isn't Liu Song who went back on our word.

It is Great Wei.

I'm also not the one who violates Your Highness.

It's Prince of Nan-An.

Next, Liu Song will declare war on Wei.

Everyone will see it as a justified cause.

Do you get it now, gorgeous?

You had it planned all along.

How despicable and shameless!

Take them down.

Young Mistress, run!

Your Highness, Princess Anping is...

As long as we get evidence to prove Princess Anping was violated

Liu Song won't have any excuse to attack us.

Then I will deserve great credit.

As for other matters, they won't be a problem anymore.




- Come on, gorgeous! - Your Highness!

Give it a bit more time...

The more you struggle, the more I like it.

Wei Young.

Jun Tao, are you all right?

It's all right now.

It's all right now.

As long as I'm here, I won't allow anyone to hurt you.

Do you feel better now?


What are you doing here? What happened?

Master Zhang drugged everyone.

This marital treaty was a conspiracy.

Liu Song is so despicable!

Once Liu Song learns of this failed attempt

they might attack the border right away.

This is bad.

We're not prepared for any attack at the border.

We have to inform the border to prepare for war right away.

It isn't safe here.

We have to leave right away.

Convey my orders to evacuate.


Uncle, I'd like to have some time alone with Wei Young.

What is it?

I haven't seen you for some time.


I want to take a good look at you.

I forgot to ask you how you managed to get here.

Didn't His Majesty have you grounded in Crown Prince's Manor?

I flew out of the manor.

I'll have to fly home later.

You will enrage His Majesty.

As long as I get to see you, it is all worthwhile.

- But... - Don't worry.

My grandfather truly dotes on me. How can he punish me?

Don't worry about it.

Wei Young...

Once war commences, all hell will break loose.

No one knows what will happen.

You have to promise me that you'll take good care of yourself

no matter what happens.

You have to stay alive and well.

You said it wrong.

We have to stay alive and well.

No matter what happens, we have to stay together.


Your Highness! We have to go now!

Go on.

You're so pretty.

Your Highness, will you really not take another look at Princess Wei Young?

Let's just let her return home.


Uncle, I have a favor to ask of you.

What is it?

I hope that you will escort Princess Anping safely back to Ping City.

You're not coming with us?

The army of Liu Song might attack us very soon.

It's a critical situation at the border.

I have to safeguard the city.

I'll leave Wei Young in your care.

When you get back to Ping City

please tell Grandfather the truth.

I'm sure that he won't blame Wei Young for this.

Jun, you have Great Wei's best interests at heart.

Father will surely be relieved to know that.

Don't worry. Just leave Princess Anping to me.

Thank you, Uncle.

Wei Young, forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye.

I'd like to accompany you back to Ping City

but war will soon be upon us.

I have to fend off the enemies at the border.

Only by doing so can I expose the conspiracy of this marital treaty.

You can then return to Ping City safely.

Young Lord.

- Have some water. - It's fine.

Once we get through here we'll be close to the border.

Can we set out now?


Let's set out!


Wei Young, you must wait for me.

I'll take you away safely.


We just received this report by carrier pigeon.

[Wei killed Song's envoy. Li Wei Young's life is at risk.]

[Wei and Song will soon be at war.]

Young Lord must not know about this.

- Do you understand? - Yes.

Your Highness.

Su Xin, do you have any news?

Your Highness, it's said that Imperial Guard Li has been away for days.

I checked at Prime Minister's Manor

and they also said that... he's gone on a long journey.

A long journey...

He must have left.

He left and so has Jun.

Both of them left without even saying goodbye.

They are both so mean!

Your Highness...

Don't be upset, Your Highness.

Once we get through this mountain, we'll arrive in Hua Tai (now Anyang City).

Your Highness, are you really going to safeguard the city?

The army of Liu Song has closed in on the city.

You're riding to your doom!

We're underprepared, so once we abandon the city

the enemies will break siege easily.

They will take over the city immediately.

It's the civilians who will suffer.

We can only defend the city until the army of Song retreats.

Your Highness.

This is too dangerous.

You're of nobility. Once you...

As a member of Great Wei's imperial family

why would it matter if I sacrifice my life for my nation and people?

Hurry up! Keep up!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Your Highness, we have been traveling all night.

I don't think that the soldiers of Liu Song will catch us anytime soon.

All men and horses are worn out.

Why don't we take a break here before we set out again?

Rest and regroup here!

Where are you going, Young Mistress?

I have to look for Tuoba Jun.

I'll do it for you.

Why did you get out?

I'm looking for Prince of Gaoyang.

Don't bother. He left.

He left?

I have to look for Tuoba Jun.

Where is he?

How would I know?

He's your nephew!

Soldiers of Song are everywhere!

Aren't you worried about him?

Our priority is to return to Ping City safely

to report to His Majesty about the war.

As for other matters, there's nothing I can do.



Young Mistress! Young Mistress!

Let's go!

Young Mistress! Young Mistress!

Jun Tao!

- Jun Tao didn't catch up! - Shut up!

Shut your mouth if you want to stay alive!

Let me down! I have to go to Jun Tao!

Don't risk your life for a mere bodyguard!

How could you escape without your subordinates?

They are meant to protect me.

They can't survive if I'm killed!

Are you all right?

Make the horse leave.

They will soon catch up to us.

We have to hide in here.

This place isn't ideal.

Let's leave.

Traces of blood!

They should be around here!


We can hide in here!


What are you waiting for?

Do you want to be killed?

Search inside! Quickly!


- Take a look over there! - Go!


Search carefully!

- Drag her away! - Yes!

Your Majesty!

- How could I dare assassinate you? - Consort Zhaoyi Lu can have him.

- Mother! - Your Majesty!

Evil woman!

How dare you!

How dare the son of a sinned concubine treat me so?

I must teach you a lesson today!

- Let go of me! - Lock him in the dark room.

Mother... Where are you?

Yu is so scared...

Let me out of here! Let me out of here!

It's so dark in here!

It's so dark in here!

Search carefully!

Let me out of here...

They are not here!

Not here either!

- No one. - No one.

Let's go.

Are you all right?

We got here too late.

Prince of Gaoyang! Prince of Gaoyang!

- General Zhou. - Your Highness.

What is the situation?

The city was besieged by the army of Song last night.

We were caught off guard!

Master Warden of the city fought with great valor

and managed to fend the enemies off.

Where is Master Warden?

He was killed in combat.

How is our army doing?

We are down to 5,000 soldiers. There's a shortage of weapons and rations.

The worst is that we suffered a heavy blow to our morale.

Our men fear the might of the Song army.

They can't meet the enemy head on.

Your Highness, how many men have you brought with you?

Sir, how many men have you brought?

Two hundred thousand?

It's just me and His Highness.

- Two? - Yes.


We can't hold the fort with just these men!

Your Highness!

You saved me once.

I won't leave you here.

You're awake?

Take this.

What happened to your hand?

I scratched it on something when I was out picking herbs.

Does it hurt?

Take this.

Take it away. I don't need it.

Don't see this as owing me a favor.

I'll go and find us some food.

Don't go!

What are you doing?

Let go of me! Let go of me!

I won't do anything to you!


I'm very badly wounded.

I won't be able to hurt you.

Please don't leave me here.

Young Mistress?

Young Mistress!

What's on your mind?

His Highness should have arrived at the border by now, right?

You're actually thinking about His Highness?

I'm afraid that it isn't mutual.

His Highness has Wei Young by his side.

He must have forgotten about me.

How could that be?

His Highness has the belt you made him.

Whenever he sees the belt, he will think of you.

- Really? - Of course!

Second Young Mistress won't ever return from Liu Song.

His Highness can only think of you from now on.

This is weird...

This is the only way out of the city.

Judging from the time, they should be here to meet the procession.

Why can't I see anyone?

They might have been delayed?

Have you heard from the scouts you sent to follow the procession?

Not yet.


Something must have gone wrong.

I have to take a look.

I can't let anything happen to Wei Young!

Keep up with him.

His Highness's horse was found nearby.

They must be here.

- Jun Tao... - Search for them.

- Leave no stone unturned! - Yes!

The soonest reinforcements will arrive is two days.

Liu Song has two hundred thousand men.

I suggest abandoning the city and retreating.

Once the army retreats, what will happen to the civilians?

Should the Song army massacre the city...

How can we allow that to happen?

Yes and most importantly, this city is the most crucial defense for our nation.

Once we retreat from here

the Song army will be able to charge right in.

By then, our army will also have to retreat

from Hulao Pass, Linji, and Baima.

If so, the Song army could go straight into

Great Wei's territory and pose a threat to us!

We might still survive if we retreat.

If we don't, my 5,000 men will surely be sacrificed!

I do not fear death!

However, I can't just let 5,000 soldiers die in here!

Convey my orders! Retreat to Hulao Pass to await reinforcements!

We can't retreat! We mustn't!

We must not retreat!

We're of the same rank!

Why should I follow your orders?

If you keep up with this nonsense I'll beat you to death!

Bring it on!

Stop it!

Who are you?

How dare you barge into confidential military quarters?

Prince of Gaoyang!

Who dares to act rashly?

Greetings to Prince of Gaoyang!

Who is the commander-in-chief?

All right then.

From now on, I'm in charge.

Should anyone bring up retreating and abandoning the city

he will be punished by the military law.

We obey your orders, Your Highness.

Report! Bad news! Bad news!

The Song army is attacking the city again.

Your Highness!

Please command everyone to retreat.

If we don't, it will be too late!

Even Your Highness will...

- Is anyone there? - Present!

Drag him out and beheaded him!

Please have mercy!

Beheading a general before the war will affect our morale!

Do reconsider, Your Highness!

- Do reconsider! - Behead him!

- Yes! - I don't agree with you!

Tuoba Jun!

You're sending the soldiers to their death!

Anyone who insists on retreating will be killed!


In less than two hours I will take down this city!

Take it down!

5,000 men against 200,000 men.

Aren't we seeking our own doom?

Cut off all means of retreat for the last stand.

Only then can we fight to survive.

We're low on morale. We need a victory to boost our morale.

Your Highness, aren't you frightened at all?

How could I not be?

I'm not a trained military officer.

I've never been in a battle.

Why would you take this upon yourself?

I am the descendant of the Tuoba clan.

It's my duty to defend my home.

I must keep marching forward with courage.


The Song army has us surrounded.

Are you scared?

Great Wei just established a marital peace treaty with Liu Song

and yet they broke the treaty to invade our lands!

Can you put up with such humiliation?

Once this city is taken and the Song army barges in

more lives will be taken!

That includes your parents, wives, children, and siblings!

Can you bear to see that happen?

If we take them on now, we die!

If we don't, we die!

If we can sacrifice our lives to protect our parents, wives, and children

will you do it?

We're not fighting for ourselves!

We're fighting for our nation!

If we fight, our nation and families will be safe!

If we flee, our nation and families will die!

Who will fight with me?

- Me! - Me!

All soldiers, whatever rank you are, fight valiantly against our enemies!

Once the gates are opened, it's a life or death battle.

Anyone who escapes, dies!

Once our troops are deployed, close the gates immediately!

Anyone who lets people in, dies!

This is the moment we fight till our death!


- Attack! - Attack!

- Attack! - Attack!

- Attack! - Attack!


Who is that man?

Your Highness!

Our general is down!

Retreat! Retreat!

Our general is down!

Retreat! Retreat!

Quickly! Our general is down!

Retreat! Retreat! Hurry up!

- Victory! Victory! - Victory! Victory!

His Highness led the army valiantly and defeated our enemies

without a care for his own safety!

Please accept our bow of gratitude!

- Long live Your Highness! - Long live Your Highness!

Please rise.

That was only the vanguard that we defeated.

Their main troops will come at us soon.

By then, we will be in an even more perilous situation!

We have to make use of our time to prepare for battle!

Whatever the sacrifices, we have to defend this city!

Behind us, tens of thousands of lives are at risk!

- Defend the city at any cost! - Defend the city at any cost!

There isn't any good food around.

Just make do with it.

Jun Tao.

Your Highness, I've been asking around

and there is news from Hua Tai.

- Tell me. - Hua Tai is surrounded by the Song army.

It was about to be taken but Prince of Gaoyang got there in time.

He defeated their vanguard. That should hold them off

until reinforcements from the imperial court arrive.


However valiant Prince of Gaoyang was

they are still short on soldiers and rations.

I'm afraid that they won't make it until the reinforcements arrive.

Where are you going?

Didn't you hear him?

Tuoba Jun is in Hua Tai.

He's in danger. I have to go to him.

Why are you holding me back? Let go of me!

The imperial court might not have been informed of the invasion yet.

Even if they have been, it will take time to deploy reinforcement troops.

It will take at least two weeks for reinforcements to get to Hua Tai.

Do you think that Tuoba Jun can fend them off until then?


All I know is that he's in danger and I have to stay by him.

You're so faithful to him.

I'm not like you.

You're cold and ruthless.

However sentimental I may be, I would not risk my own life.

I'd never do anything as pointless as seeking my own death.

If you wish to be killed, I won't hold you back.

Foolish woman.

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