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楚乔传 Princess Agents 9 Uncut version English subtitles未删减版 赵丽颖 林更新 窦骁 李沁 主演 Agentes princesa with English subtitles  

{\an8}Episode Nine

Jin Zhu.

(Sound of the pot breaking)

I did not push her.

She jumped herself.

right there.

Jin Zhu, now we have first-hand proof.

You can’t get away with this now.

It wasn’t me.

It was Xing’er.

But she jumped.

I don’t think so.

I saw Sister Jin Zhu

went into the flower stand secretly

with this pot.

You clearly wanted to destroy the evidence

after hurting His Young Master.

Now you are trying to frame my Sixth Sister.


Yue Qi. They are sisters.

They are the ones who are

trying to frame me together.

You can’t trust them.

All right.

I will trust you for now.

How about Xing’er?

Where is she?

She jumped.

Prince Yan Xun,

what are you doing here?

What’s your excuse?

Why are you here?

Jumping off a cliff.

Jin Zhu, repeat what you just said.

It’s true.

I saw her jumping off

with my own eyes.

These snakes

were brought by her.

I swear.

Jin Zhu,

how stupid do you think I am?

You are saying she jumped off the cliff

in order to frame you?

Mister Zhu,

My Young Master was hurt by snakes.

Now we have found the culpable.

You saw it yourself.

There is no need for me to any more time.

Mister Zhu,

you need to trust me.

You need to trust me.

It isn’t true.

As you brew, so you must drink.

Someone please come

and take Jin Zhu to the prison holding guilty slaves.

Yes, sir.

Xiaoba doesn’t look sad at all.

What if it was all plotted?

If you don’t want to be found,

you better behave.

Don’t pull some petty tricks.

She is right down there.

We need to find her, no matter what.

Mister Zhu,

she jumped off such a high cliff,

she didn’t have a chance of survival.

Do you want to bet with me

whether she is alive or not?

You are right.

You are right.

Anyone who jumps off this cliff

will definitely die.

You are a Prince,

yet you are hiding in this cave.

You must be up to

something suspicious.

I am just here, enjoying the cold.

What’s wrong with that?

It’s none of your business.

Of course, it’s not my business.

You are way too ungrateful.

I just saved your life

and didn’t get you away.

How are you going to repay me?

The ungrateful kitten.

You are leaving now?

What’s the matter, Prince Yan Xun?

I don’t want to owe you.

I will repay you when I have the chance.

I need to go now.


There is a hidden cave down the cliff.

His Young Master ordered us

to close it down.

Please make sure you didn’t leave

any personal belonging there.

A hidden cave?

What are you talking about?

It certainly has nothing to do with me.

It’d better that way,

but according to Young Master Yue,

you have been hidden there

home sicking and crying

for the past two years.

If we close it down,

you will go back to Yanbei sooner.

No offence.

Young Master,

that wicked maid jumped off a cliff,

but I think there is something wrong here.

I know things

would end this way.

That wicked maid was taught

by Yuewen Yue after all.

Don’t underestimate her.

Then what should I do next?

Take her sister here.

What should I do?

Sixth Sister. Sixth Sister.

Something bad happened.

Xiaoba was taken away.

(Sound of doors closing)

What is going on?

I have no idea.

What if

What if Young Master Yue found out

we framed Jin Zhu?

Don’t worry.

It is not necessarily Yuwen Yue who took Xiaoba away.

Where were they heading?

The prison holding guilty slaves.

I need to check it out.

Sixth Sister.

Please be quick. I am scared.

Don’t be. Just wait for me here.

You are Xing’er, right?

(Sounds of pulling out swords)

We have been waiting for you.


Young Master,

your eyes have fully recovered,

but you better be careful

and don’t catch a cold

in the next few days.

Otherwise, the cold will hurt you

and you will be blind again.


Young Master,

Xing’er jumped off a cliff.

Don’t worry.

She won’t die.

It’s not just me who are

covering for her.

Young Master, the Master is alive now.

Wicked maid. Kneel down now.

Young Master, please have a seat.

Young Master Huai,

here is that wicked maid.

Yes, sir.

You are only a maid,

but you certainly have some balls

to fight against me.

How dare you.

Young Master Huai,

please tell me

exactly what you mean.

I am only an uneducated maid.

Your words are too sophisticated.

I don’t understand.

All right then.

Zhu Shun.

Yes, Young Master.

Let her understand.

Yes, sir.

Go on.

I am the personal attendant

to Young Master Yue of the first branch.

There is no need for Young Master Huai

of the third branch to teach me manner.


You are very mouthy for

a wicked maid

You only a lapdog

to Yuwen Yue.

Even if I kill you today,

will he stand up for you?

Even I am only a wicked maid,

I still belong to Young Master Yue.

No one else

has the authority to

decide my life.


I better teach you a lesson today

about what authority really means.

Zhu Shun.

Yes, Young Master.

Let’s teach this pretty little girl

a good lesson today.

Yes, sir.

Did you hear that?

His Young Master let me

let you a good lesson.

(Sounds of people falling into the water)

(Man yelling)

I will kill you.

I dare you.

Let’s see then.

Young Master, just kill her.

You are such a fool.

If Young Master Huai really wanted to kill me,

he would never do it himself

and go through so much trouble.

Am I right, Young Master Huai?

(Smirking and clapping)


No wonder Yuwen Yue

values you so.

Young Master Huai,

I am only a maid.

I only want to live

in peace.

Although I know

you were the one who gave Jin Zhu the order,

I have never thought

to fight against you.

What happened today

is an unfortunate tragedy.

She was jealous of me

because Yuwen Yue prefers me over her

and tried to get rid of me for several times.

I gave in every time.

However, she wanted to kill me so badly that

if I did not fight back,

I would definitely die.

I framed Jin Zhu.

But as for you, Young Master Huai,

I pay every respect to you.

I hope you can understand.

You are saying

Jin Zhu was jealous of you

because Yuwen Yue prefers you over her?

Young Master Huai, didn’t you know?

Sister Jin Zhu would kill to be

the maidservant of bedchamber to Yuwen Yue.

She was so in love with Young Master Yue.

She wanted to get rid of me,

causing me trouble.

This is no secret

in the Green Hills Court.

How did you know I was the one

who gave Jin Zhu the order?

Do you know for sure or

are you just pretending?

Are you covering for

Yuwen Yue?

You are the personal attendant to Yuwen Yue.

You must know the stamp.

That’s right.

He was the one who gave the order

to expel you from the Green Hills Court.

He doesn’t care about your life.


your sister, Xiaoba,

has already confessed

what you did in the cliff.

It must be hard for you.

You have no way out now.

For you,

dying without pain is

very unlikely.

How about this?

Betrayed by the people you trust.

You must feel so bad.

Most importantly,

what others want you to see,

while where your ability

leads you.

But I still would like to know

how did you know I was the one

who gave Jin Zhu the order.

Then I need to meet with

Sister Jin Zhu.

Why is that?

You probably won’t

trust my words.

When I meet with Sister Jin Zhu,

you will get to the bottom of it.

Bring Jin Zhu here.

Yes, sir.

(Sound of the stone door opening)

Young Master.


You are finally awake.

Here is the cure, Young Master.

The cure.

Give it to me. There is only one left.


your effort paid off.

If you didn’t give me the cure of resurrection,

I would be dead now.

Have you made some progress these days?

Unfortunately, the Emperor

did not trust me.

The Eyes of God hasn’t been reinitiated.

I am sorry that I let you down.

I deserve to be punished.

This is not your fault.

The Eyes of God hasn’t been operating for years.

This is not my main concern.

However, Xing’er, the maid,

has martial art

and no one knows about her past.

Why do you still keep her by your side?

If she assassinates you…

She won’t.

You never know.

Why do you trust her?

I gave her a chance

to beat her enemy to death,

but she did not want to do that.

Even in that situation,

she was able to maintain her goodness.

That’s why I trust her.



It just means she is not suitable

to be a cold-hearted spy.

She is useless then.

Spies often are interpreted as cold-hearted,

but they only maintain this character

so that they can sacrifice themselves

for the greater cause anytime.

Without goodness,

how can they be loyal to their masters?

Besides, Xing’er

has many potentials

to be an excellent spy.

She acts without hesitation,

observes and memorises every little detail

and she will fight for her life

like a beast.

That’s ridiculous.

Did you forget the noble bloodline of

the Yuwen Household?

Did you forget you promised me

you would never

fall for a maid?

I did not fall for her.

From the very beginning,

I am only taking advantage of


My dear grandson,

in order to save me,

you were even willing to sacrifice yourself.

I know how loyal you are to me

and to the Yuwen Household.

As long as the Eyes of God

has not been fully initiated,

the Green Hills Court will always be the weak.

Your only mistake was that

you did not get rid of Xing’er as soon as possible.

You let Yuwen Huai

have control over her.

But I still believe

Xing’er can be

an extraordinary spy.

There is something in her

no one else has.

She can complete the task

an ordinary guard of Yue will fail.

I think it is time for the Green Hills Court

to step in and save her.

So you are only interested in

her potentials?

If she can’t get out of the prison alive,

she is undoubtedly useless then.

The Green Hills Court will not rescue her.

Yes, sir.

I got it.

Young Master.

Here comes Jin Zhu.

What do you want to say to her?

I’d like to talk with

Jin Zhu alone.


She is all yours.

What’s your last word?

Feel free.

Young Master Yue expelled me from the Green Hills Court.

Did you have anything to do with this?


You are expelled from the Green Hills Court?

How does it make you feel?

The abandonment.

Are you sad?

Are you devastated?

It looks like that

His Young Master is tired of me already.

You are only a maid from the steppe,

yet you wish to be noble.

It is only your day dreaming.

Don’t feel so good about yourself.

You really think

after getting rid of me

you can stay by Young Master Yue’s side?

I think you better not

have a foot in both camps,

being devious

and two-faced.

What are you talking about?

Stop pretending.

Both you and I are maids.

What kind of hatred would

drive you to kill me by all means?

It’s because you love Young Master Yue

and you are jealous of me.


Jin Zhu,

I heard the whole conversation between you and

Young Master Yue in the backroom.

You are about to die,

yet you still want to frame me.

That’s right.

His Young Master is already tired of me now.

I have no place

in his Household.

I know for certain that

I will die today.

I want to beg you,

for the sake that I never caused you trouble,

to help my two sisters and spare them.


As your wish.

All right. I shall kill you first.

Your sister will be the next.

Stop it.

Young Master.

Please let me kill her.

She has been talking nonsense.

Don’t you dare tell me whether to believe her or not.

You are this eager to kill

only because you are afraid that

she would say something harmful you, right?


Put the sword down.

(Sound of dropping a sword)

You can continue now.

Young Master Huai, I will tell you,

but I have one condition.

I hope you can spare my two sisters,

free them so they don’t have to be slaves anymore,

and give them some money.

As long as they are safe and sound,

I am all yours.

You are only a guilty slave.

How dare you saying this out loud?

You are a noble and resourceful man,

with many people working under you.

You probably can’t tell

who is loyal to you and who is not.

If there is someone

disloyal to you,

that person can cause you a lot of trouble.

Stop talking this nonsense.

Shut up.

Young Master, she is devious.

You can’t trust her.

If you say another word,

I will make sure you die before her.


I want to see my sister first.


Bring Xiaoba here.

Sixth Sister.

Sixth Sister.

Sixth Sister.

Here she comes.

Start talking.

After I become the maidservant of bedchamber

to Young Master Yue,

His Young Master teaches me how to read and write.

Sometimes, he even teaches me some martial art

to protect myself.

There is one time

I sneaked into

his backroom to read,

His Young Master suddenly returned.

I was very scared

so I hided myself.


I heard

the conversation between Jin Zhu and Young Master Yue.

She said that she followed Young Master Huai’s order

and killed Great Master Zhuo.

She felt very guilty and could not sleep.

She loves Young Master Yue,

but she killed His Young Master’s loved one.

She could not forgive herself.


I have never said a word of these.

You are only

framing me.

Framing you?

What are you talking about?

Jin Zhu, you are the one who framed me.

I am the maidservant of bedchamber to Young Master Yue.

I have slept with

His Young Master.

If His Young Master did not believe in your lies

and trusted you,

how could he

expel me from the Green Hills Court?

I didn’t do that.

You didn’t?

His Young Master trusted you

only because of your beauty and seduction?

He even expelled me

because of you.

He never expelled you

or trusted me.

That statement was falsified

by Young Master Huai.

So it was

falsified by Young Master Huai.

- You fool. - I…

Young Master, I am so sorry.

Let’s kill her.

Let’s kill her.

Sell her to the brothel.

Take her away.

- No. - Hurry up.

Young Master.

- Go. - Young Master.

Go. Go.

Jin Xiaoliu,

you will pay for what you did today.

Get away

Prince Yan

You You cannot get in here

Prince Yan Prince Yan

You cannot get in here

Who is so annoying


Your highness

I want to talk to someone here

Wait prince

They are all humble slaves here

How could anyone you want

is here

Pretty smart

Not that I am too smart

She is too stupid

Feeling so comfortable framing other people

I am not framing her

I'm telling the truth


Such a stupid

disloyal slave

feels comfortable to use

No actually

How about changing into a smarter

one that worth your trust

Your condition is

I hope you could let

my sisters go

How can I trust

you little fox

How could you know

you can't without trying

I prefer not to

I'd rather kill you right now

What if

you become my enemy later on



Pretty busy

Prince Yan has been visiting me

really frequently recently

Had you fallen in love

with this girl

If you and I

fight because of a girl

we will surely be laughed at

Love is too serious

I am just interested

You know I am

the idlest person in Chang'an

Hard to find something interesting

that I'd like to check on now and then

Just for a slave

are you sure you want to meddle

Master Huai

We are friends

Is it such a big deal

to give me just two slaves


You are right

I know you are

such a kind person

Thank you for not killing me

I should leave



I can do it myself

Give me the medicine

Still hurt

It's okay


Forget who I am so soon

Thank you for saving us, your highness

Thank you, prince

How about I

go to the Green Hills

to talk to Yuwen Yue

Although you are so persuasive

this is between Yuwen family

Let me tell him myself

after I go back


But if he doesn't treat you well

go find me at my place

Thank you your highness

Here Take it

It's good for your wound

Thank you prince

Can you two

go back together


Time to go


By the way Don't forget

You owe me once, again

Have to pay back later on



Butler Zhu

Anything else

Our master Huai wants to remind you

If you obey

your promise

he won't look into

what your sisters had done

What are you talking about

I don't understand

You deny it

How could I confess something I hadn't done

Master Huai is overestimated me

Butler Zhu

If nothing else for us

we are leaving

{\an8}The Green Hills Courtyard

You sent me telling Yan Xun

He has saved Xing'er

by now

What is she doing

She has gone back to her room

I told her to serve you

But she ignored me acting moody


Enough Enough Enough

Enough Eno

Sister Jinzhu

What are you doing here

I'm here to see you

How does it feel

Being framed

feels good


I don't want to go to the place

without any hope




Please help me

I know your family

are the kindest people


Because Linxi is kind

he should be framed up and killed


But he would die sooner or later


Because he has been so loyal to master Yue

Master Huai said

that he has to die

Sister Jinzhu

It's you that have to die

You give the poisoned counting-rod

to him

to make him a scapegoat

No I am just ordered

You know

The mastermind is Yuwen Huai

I'm just a maid

I was also forced to do it

There were no other choice for me

I didn't want to hurt anyone either

I don't want to be sold to the brothel

A thrown slave like me

would rather die than live after being sold

You know it


Please help me

Help me

I help you

Then tell me

Would brother Linxi agree

He will

Linxi he surely will

Linxi was the kindest person

He surely will

I know I was wrong

I worked for Yuwen Huai

But he kicked me away

I know I was wrong


Since you regreted

I give you a chance

The guards here

will be awake an hour later

Change the clothes here

And leave Yuwen family


Sister Jinzhu

Will you betray me

after you get out of prison

Xing'er I owe you

too much

If I ever betray you

You can have me killed and thrown like rubbish

I swear


You'd better keep your promise

The clothes of low slaves


All I am suffering

is because of you

Just wait

Master Huai


Master Huai

Master Huai

You are really tricked by that slave

Jinzhu has always

been loyal to you

Never betrayed you

The slave

let you suspect me

on purpose


Please do not trust her

I am asking you

Why are you here


set me off

She wants me to leave you

Master Huai

She also gave me this

The ID for leaving

Please trust me

Was not Xing'er that saved you

I think it's her master

The ID for leaving the border

I don't know what it is


It's not mine

I don't know what it is


Yuwen Yue gave you ID

to leave here and to leave the border

He let people there to care you


He really likes you

You tell me

Yuwen Yue

What on earth did he give you

Is this it

The document for releasing the slave


It isn't

After the incident of Snow Jade Dog

Yuwen Yue only struck you

for twenty times

You have long be doubted

I only want to follow master Huai

Please trust me Master Huai

Master I can be your bedchamber

I can be your bedchamber tonight

Come here

Sit beside me

Tell the Green Hills

Xing'er killed Jinzhu




I gave you a chance

Being abandoned

is what you deserves

This turns out to be the document for releasing


Where is Xing'er

Have you seen her

After she came back

she said she feel bad

and went to sleep early

A'luo lead the way

You shall leave



Did I do anything wrong again

They said you feel bad

after getting out of prison

So I come to see you

I am fine

Please go back


Bring me a tea

Could master

leave for a moment

I will bring you

the tea later on

I want the tea now

Feeling bad

Then lay down


You are here



Jinzhu is dead

Jin Zhu was such a tough woman.

She know Kongfu. She has strong background.

At first, when our 6th sister was planning

I was worried that she got away with it

But sister beat her

We never tend to hurt her

But she keeps attacking us

I didn't want to frame her

What happened to her

Is caused by herself

How about Yuwen Yue

Will you

let him pay

I overheard the talk

between Yuwen Huai and Mister Zhu


were talking about Miss Song

Make the dead speak

I will let people know

what these sisters had done sooner or later


Jinzhu is dead

The death of Miss Song is no longer a secret

We should react

instead of waiting for death


what should we do

Don't worry I got an idea

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